We live here and we want to show you how beautiful our country is

Malefia (Mafy) and Getachew (Gech) are born at the  in a small village in side Simien mountains which is the place tourist attractive and the second natural world heritage site in the world:Simen mountains.

Ethiopia Adventures is led by well experienced local travel and tour organizers to Ethiopia’s cultural, historical, natural and wildlife attractions is a private fully Ethiopian owned and run by young, flexible, energetic, articulate tourism expertise and highly skilled and qualified personnel who knows and love Ethiopia. We will design to you some of the best tailor-made, individual, group, fixed departure and holiday tours as well as an enormous range of tour activities, including trekking, biking, horse riding and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Maffy, one of the rarest trekking woman in Simien Mountains

Hi, I’m Malefia (Maffy) and I was born 1988 in the small village of the Highlands of the park simien and grew up and pass through all activities what the people doing in the rural areas such as looking after the animals, hide and seek playing then we mostly hadn’t a chance to go to kindergarden school even the regular schools are not nearby and need to walk at least half hour so by this reason we don’t go to school before 7 years old  and I went to different elementary and secondary schools; with different unforgettable events.

I went to Jimma University and graduated by History and culture departments. I taught for three years and i had the chance to learn many things from local communities, from my students and from my colleagues because most of the teachers and students come from different ethnic groups and has rich of different cultures.

When i decide to change my profession from teacher to tourist guide, many peoples were surprised because most Ethiopians are thinking this is a job of men. Now I am one of the rarest and most experienced woman guid in Simien Mountains.

Gech, the adventurer and lover of nature

Hi, I’m Getachew (Gech) and I  was born in 1987  in the small village called Dib bahir, in which I attended elementary school in the park and secondary school in the head quarter office, Debark. Next i  went to Gondar teachers education and study English language and literature. I taught there for two years. Finally i had interest to be a tour guide even if I love the profession to be a teacher but the salary is too small and I  was looking for the vacancy and the chance reached to both of us. I really love doing adventure trips in the Simien Mountain National Park as mountain running, mountain biking, rafting and rock climbing. Finally, with Maffy, we both reached to one idea to merge our ideas and experience to work together and open tour company. I am the only adventure guides in the Simien Mountains and also have seven years of experiences.