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We set up  Ethiopia Adventures to arrange tours and treks throughout Ethiopia based up on clients interests and to listen and also provide any desires of our customers. We mainly concern with local people’s benefits and biodiversity conservation.

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Our tour will be managed responsibily with fair price and we organize tours depend  the interests of our Clients. We are specialized:

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  • Mountain bicking
  • Mountain running
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  • Rock climbing
  • Base jumping
  • Historical and Cultural sites
  • Holiday vacation and honeymoon
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We did a four days trekking in the Simien Mountains and it was an amazing experience. We could enjoy the dramatic beauty of the landscape and observe the astonishing wildlife. Thanks to our guide Malefia we could enter in contact with the population living in the National Park. We particularly appreciated to have a female guide (rare and worse to be mentioned) that is coming from the region. We could fully appreciate our trek mainly because the all organization of trek (including the material provided) was very professional and safe.


For three fabulous days, Malefia guided us as we trekked in the Simien Mountains. Maf's competency as a guide and knowledge of the region can't be over-stated. At every step her goal was for us to personally encounter every person, plant and animal that we met along the way. Her love and passion for her home shone through as she shared stories of growing up in the region. Maf was constantly attentive to our physical well-being and adjusted our trek accordingly, even as she ensured that we found the perfect sunset spots and that every detail of the trek fell into place. I'd return on a trek with her in a heart beat!


I spent eight days with Getachew on a mountain bike expedition through the Simiens in 2015. Although it was nearly four years ago, I think about that trip almost every day. It was the most extraordinary trip of my life. The mountain biking was very rugged and challenging, but it was so rewarding to see remote areas of this beautiful mountain range. Getachew assembled a crew that took great care of us at every step of our journey, from cooking us delicious food to helping us get to the top of Ras Dashen. This crew considered every detail so that we could have the best experience possible. There is no question that I would recommend Getachew to anyone looking for a guide. And there’s no question that someday I’ll make it back to Ethiopia, and Getachew will be the first person I call.


I was based in Addis Ababa as an Africa correspondent for more than three years and went on several trekking trips in the Simiens with Getachew Enyew, includig a trip to the peak of Ras Dashen. Without knowing the other mountain guides, I am sure Geatchew is the best guide in the Simiens. He seems to know every stone, every path, every plant, every animal and every weather condition in the mountains. He is incredibly fit (he can run faster than mountainbikers can cycle and can carry you if necessary) but can adopt every trip to your personal level of fitness. His English is very good and he also speaks some German. Getachew can tell you everything about live in the mountains, but also about Ethiopia´s past, present and perspectives for the future. He is also a very good singer and dancer. He ist 100 per cent trustworthy and reliable and will offer you an unforgettable trip for a decent price. I recommended Getachew to many friends and the were all very happy. With booking Getachew, you will support a young family father, the only bread earner in the family. For those of you who read German: Getachew also plays a role in my book about Ethiopia „Der Mann, der den Tod auslacht.“

Philipp Hedemann

Malefia, you were the most amazing guide when I was in the Simiens Mountains in 2015. I was so lucky to get you. In fact, three years later at my retirement reception last month, you were featured in part of the slide program about "my life and career." So you know I really mean it!

Elias Baugmarten

Booked a trip up the Simien mountains in January 2014. Had 7 excellent days, in a varied terreng. From high land to low land. Saw ibexes up close, Ethiopian fox and lots of gelada baboons. Had an extra ordinary guide, Malafia. She saw our needs and adjusted the trip according to us. It was very comfortable to have a female guide, as we were two female travelling together. Malafia, is a woman of Etiopias future. Being a minority in a males dominated job. Intelligent and funny. We had good discussion about the flora and fauna as well as religion and politics.

Gunhild Stølen Ugelvik

In the autumn of 2013 we were a group of 8 persons visiting the beautiful Simien mountains in Ethiopia and our guide was Malefia. Firstly, Malefia is very knowledgeable and experienced guide, we were trekking together for 2 to 3 days, she showed us the best views in the mountains, told us about the history of the National Park, its development, humans, wildlife and vegetation there. We had long conversations full of valuable information, great humor, advice and just captivating evening stories by the fire. Malefia knows her clients, understands their psychology, needs and wants and can address those. I liked her great respect towards this National Park, she is very considerate and wants to make sure that all the visitors equally respect and protect the beauty of Simien. Malefia is somebody we could trust. There might be guides who would leave the group in the middle of trekking trip, but it was never the case with her. Malefia is a great example to all local women and society at large: fragile looking woman full of energy, strength, knowledge, experience, great personality, she is one of the best guides in Simien, one of very few female guides in this male dominant work. I think that one of the ways how to distinguish between a great guide from a good guide is if you would like to recommend the guide to others. And I do without hesitation. I have recommended Malefia to my other friends and colleagues already and with pleasure do it again. Thanking Malefia for the beautiful trip two years ago and wishing her all the best of luck and success with her next endeavors.


I met Getachew Enyew in Gondar were he picked me up to a fine trek through the simien mountains.
He was recommended to me from a german writer and traveller. With Getachews accomplishments i
was deeply contented; he`s a nice guy and he took care of me all the trekking-time.
He also arranged my busride further to Axum, my next destination.
He knows a lot of history, flowers, animals and especially the trails and some shortcuts. The food his
cook served was very fine also transfers to the wandering area. Equipment was proper and useful
and i felt very save on the trek – Fucade, our Security-man, took care of us. It was a fine time with
Getachew in the Semien mountains and I can recommend him warmly as Trekking Guide.

Gerhard Bürbaumer

Getachew organised an exploratory mountain biking expedition for a group of 10 in the Semien Mountains in 2014. His enthusiasm, communication, and professionalism were outstanding and thanks to his organisation we had a fantastic and memorable trip. I would highly recommend him for anyone planning a trip in Northern Ethiopia.

Dr Rich Wain-Hobson, Expedition Doctor