Set in a landscape of incomparable beauty, Gondar became the royal capital of Ethiopia in the 17th century under Emperor Fasiladas who built the first and most famous of its castles. His son Yohannes I built two more castles one of which was used as a library. His grandson Lyasu I built another a castle. Ivory, gold and precious stones were inlaid within its interior and it was described as “more beautiful than the house of Solomon”.

The Ethiopiaadventurs tours is a wonderful way to really grasp the breadth and beauty of Ethiopia, a journey through history via the byways of the old empire. The historical highlights, Lalibela and Gondar are fascinating glimpses of past cultures, and the Simien mountains are awe-inspiring. In addition, the trip provides a close-up look at life in Ethiopia, with some experiences very warm and touching, like being offered a coffee ceremony in a mud hut.

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