Sof Omar

If you had gone to the Bale Zone of the Oromia regional state, you would witness amazing complex of natural caves that leaves no doubt that the serenity, beauty and expanse of Sof Omar being wonder and amazement to anyone visiting here. It was named after a Muslim holy man who dwelt in the region; Sof Omar Cave is the longest cave in Ethiopia and is 15.1 Kilometers (9.4 miles) long. It is the largest system of caves in Africa, second longest in the world.

Through this magnificent and extensive underground cavern surges the Weyib River. Beginning in the rock highlands, this river flows through deep gorges and forested hillsides until gradually slowing and placidly flowing across the Dinsho plateau. There are approximately 42 entrances to the caves four of which are easiest to enter. The site has a religious history of thousands of years, which predates the arrival of the Muslims in Bale.

Apart from its marvelous natural structure and remarkable chamber of columns, Web River adds to the caves’ exquisiteness, dressing the place with sparkle and soothing, musical echo of water fall with vaulted chamber, flying buttresses, massive pillars and fluted archways, Sof Omar cave is site worth every minutes of the visit.

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